Maintenance of Trimar

After Antina G and the Omnibus, which have passed their maintenance, now it is the Trimar’s turn. This boat was painted 1 year ago and now it’s the annual maintenance we do on all boats. This boat, 26 meters in length, launched in 1997, was the first Golondrinaof the new generation. The Trimar and Omnibus catamarans and the Antina G monohull are the three boats that have been touring the port and beaches of the city for years. All rooms are wheelchair accessible.

The Trimar catamaran is the largest of the fleet with 190 seats and bar service on board. Ideal to accompany the visit with some soft drinks or ice cream. The Trimar is a different space for an event, for meetings or personalized celebrations. Equipped with kitchen and its services.

In a couple of days it will go on and on the water to face the crossings BARCELONA MAR 1h30min and BARCELONA PORT 40min.

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