Article in magazine Aladierno of the airline AirNostrum

From Las Golondrinas we liked this month the article “Barcelona, ​​corners with charm” written by Javier Ortega Figueiral (maritime journalism prize 2014 and regular collaborator of La Vanguardia) and published in the magazine Aladierno of the airline AIRNOSTRUM (IBERIA Regional). Where we are mentioned as a reference in the maritime world of Barcelona. This magazine […]


Las Golondrinas have more than 129 years of relationship with the city of Barcelona and is a point of reference not only in the field of maritime tourism, but also as promoters of cultural activities that emphasize the relationship between the sea and the city. Las Golondrinas have been testimony to the great changes of […]

Maintenance of Omnibus

After Antina G and María del Carmen have passed their maintenance now is the turn of Omnibus. This boat,thatis, 19 meters in length, was inaugurated in 2000, and was the second Golondrina of the new generation, 3 years after the inauguration of Trimar. These new Las Golondrinas are made of fiberglass, not wood, so the […]

Maintenance of María del Carmen

On November 28th we did maintenance of the Antina G, today we share two images of the María del Carmen in the Marina Port Forum, where she has also gone through her annual set-up; Like every year since 1953, when it was inaugurated. This boat of Dutch origin, unlike new boats (such as the Trimar […]

The interview of Las Golondrinas in La Vanguardia

Moll de la Fusta turned 30 and looking for a new identity Ayer La Vanguardia published an article by Luis Benvenuty and Santiago Tarin regarding various proposals for change to the pier of wood to mark the 30th anniversary, so they asked the opinion of several residents involved, including Manuel Roca Girbau, CEO of Las […]

Shooting of advertising in Barcelona Port

The port of Barcelona is a magnificent natural set for the shooting of advertising. Yesterday they were filming sequences from Las Golondrinas. With a precise programming and coordination with the different controllers (Port 2000, guardamolls, etc.). Las Golondrinas become a small floating platform, within a nautical scene. This time it has been in a classic […]

Thanking letter for Ramblista of Honor

From Las Golondrinas, we want to thank everybody for congratulations we have received from suppliers, customers, friends, acquaintances, Barcelona and everyone that valued the honor of being Ramblista of Honor. From a chain of Japanese TV (Sekai Zekkei Kiko) to the Mayor of Barcelona and the Director General of Barcelona Harbor we have receive dozens […]