Maintenance of María del Carmen

On November 28th we did maintenance of the Antina G, today we share two images of the María del Carmen in the Marina Port Forum, where she has also gone through her annual set-up; Like every year since 1953, when it was inaugurated.

This boat of Dutch origin, unlike new boats (such as the Trimar and Antina G, that do the hour and a half journey showing the skyline of Barcelona) is made of wood, has two bridges (one in the prow and another in the stern) and propellers on both ends of the boat (allowing to reverse direction without having to rotate 180 degrees), the same characteristics as its sisters: Lolita and Incarnation. All this gives them great maneuverability, as they are designed for trips within the port.

Traditional Las Golondrinas need special care: saltpeter, constant contact with sea water, the impact of the sun and meteorological circumstances (such as wind) cause apparel on the wooden hull, and must be taken to avoid small dampness, for example. To continue enjoying these emblematic boats, we always scrape and polish all the exterior wood, check the state of the wood of all boats and proceed to paint them again to leave them as new for another season.

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